• ips signatures for DDOS

    There aren't general signatures to prevent DDOS aatacks. An Attackers uses DDOS to make the target of the Attack unavailable. If the DDOS uses enough resources from all over the world and uses "normal requests"; the o...
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  • VIRL on Linux OS

    Not sure if this is the correct area, but here goes.  I have reviewed the Cisco VIRL website and the various links to Deployment and Tutorials and did not find what I was looking for regarding running VIRL on Lin...
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  • COMMON TYPES OF malware

    these are the COMMON TYPES OF malware.   VIRUS TROJAN HORSE WORM RANSOMWARE SPYWARE ADWARE   The list is not exhaustive, but are the common uses through all training materials
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  • Failed CICD

    I recently failed the CICD. This test was pretty large in scope, basic voice to CME, CUCM, Unity Connection, IM and Presence, reporting, etc. It was pretty daunting the amount of different information that is required...
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  • IP prefix list revelation!

    Excuse the excitement here, but I think I've just finally understood how to correctly apply a prefix list!! It's one of those skills that seems to have evaded me since beginning ROUTE in 2017, but after reading a very...
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  • Unable to obtain DHCP addresses from router

    I've been trying to set up a DHCP server to give out IP addresses to each VLAN. For some reason, I am unable to get it working and the PCs are unable to ping the subinterfaces on the router. The network I am trying to...
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  • How to pre load IOS files on a compact flash without needing a cisco device?

    I have a 2821 router that currently has 64Mb of flash memory. I am in the process of upgrading the flash memory to 256Mb so that I can upgrade from 12 to the latest 15 IOS versions. The requirements for 15 specify I n...
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  • CCIE R/S blueprint 2.6.g(vi)

    Why only OSPFv3 prefix suppression mentioned while it is also available on OSPFv2 ?
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  • Passed ICND2 -some answers, even more questions ;)

    Hi All,   I have passed my 200-105 today and can proudly say I'm a CCNA (well, technically thsi will taka a couple of days...).   I want to share my learning tools, some comments about the exam, and a few ...
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  • Subnetting VLSM/CIDR

    Buenas tardes!   Actualmente me estoy incorporando en el mundo de las redes y estoy interesado en aprender a crear subredes con VLSM y CIDR, si algún miembro de esta comunidad tiene alguna guía que e...
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  • Assistance on Vlan and Proper Subnets

    So Ive been breaking my head for the last hour trying to figure out the right subnets for this topology ( and I ended up with /24 ). This is the given IP with a subnet mask of   I just d...
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  • Making a generic VLAN to group diferent subnets

    Hello, i having troubles with my desing, i want to have diferent IPs for each campus, but i have no idea of how to comunicate this VLANs as 2 generic VLAN like VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. I have seen that it was an option ad...
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    I can not get my certificate after i passed the exam and i can not reach any one to help can any one here help
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  • Is CCNA R&S Cerification mandatory, for writing certification on CCNA Cyber Ops

    Hi All,       My friend not done any certification like CCNA level. Can he written CCNA Cyber Ops certification? or Not?   Regards, Avinash K
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  • CCDE: Los Pilares de la Tierra - Parte 3

    Consideraciones de Diseño: Velocidad y Disponibilidad En los primeros dos blogs de la serie “Pilares de la Tierra”, he cubierto costo y escalabilidad. En este blog cubriré dos consideraciones de ...
  • CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND 210-250 Quick Reference Study/training Aids Question

    Greetings all!      I am scheduled to take the CCNA Cyber Ops SECFND 210-250 in just under a month (May 15, 2019).  I have been using the Cisco Press official book “CCNA Cyber Ops (...
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  • OSPF LSA propogation control-ISPF

    Sometimes I find some features very nice to have them enabled by default like "Etherchannel misconfiguration guard"   and in other cases like ISPF which seems great feature to have enabled by default but it's no...
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  • Mentoring in the Networking Industry

      In the age of digital transformation, it can be challenging to understand educational paths, certification paths, and career paths. For this reason, it is more important than ever for people coming into this i...
  • CCNP - expiring this year 2019

    I plan on keep my CCNP R&S so I need sit in for exam. Do I need to take ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT again or just one of it?
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  • VRF question.

    Hi Guys,      Do you know how a router process if the packet come from global interface and point to destination belongs to vrf subnet? Will the router simple discard if there is no route for this...
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