Dear all. I took 3650 switch , and created three vlans in it , 10 , 20 and 30 interface vlan 10 is interface vlan 20 is interface vlan 30 is   how to configure dhcp on...
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  • Micro BFD

    Hi, I want to test micro bfd feature on Cisco devices. Can I simulate it using GNS3 and which IOS I should use? If I configure micro BFD on port-channel interface, BFD control packets should be sent/received over a...
    Nam Nguyen
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  • CCIE Wireless 3.1 study group written + lab

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking peers to form a study group for the new CCIE Wireless vesion 3.1 written and lab .   My mail: nandomy@outlook.it Skype: nandomy
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  • what is going on with this network?

    Hello guys, I'm currently trying to create a network but I'm a complete newbie and looking for some guidance, I've followed plenty of youtube tutorials but that can only get me so far and doubts keep coming in.  ...
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  • Why MPLS LDP Neighborship does not form between routers in a same vlan ?

    I have routers connected on a switch and thoses switches implement Vlans. Anu idea ?
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  • ospf advertise

    Hi,   What if we advertise the 32 instead of the network , What is the use case for this scenario   Thanks    
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  • Redistributing RIP/connected into other routing protocols

    I've probably asked this before but I cannot find any record of it so I apologize in advance if that is the case.  Here's my dilemma.  I have a router (let's call it R3) that is mutually redistributing betwe...
    Steven Davidson
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  • N5K-C5596UP-SUP  VDC's

    Hi All,   We are using the below chassis.@@   Mod Ports Module-Type                       ...
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  • what are the difference logs we can take from RTMT

    what are the difference logs we can take from RTMT and how to read them.
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  • how to block website on cisco 2600 and 2900 router

    Hi all i want to block some websites on cisco router     this is the config wat i did but still i can access web site any wrong m doing here pls correct me         class-map match-any ...
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  • power inline

    Dear All, I am trying to change interface power inline but it showing only auto and never option only. can anyone say me how to change power inline in 3560 switch.   thank you.
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  • Practice Tests

    So took the ICND 1 in Jan, and again in Feb and hit 816.   I have it booked for Tuesday....just took a Boson test and got 635!!!   Honestly dont know what to do now.   Is it worth rescheduling?
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  • Older IOS Version

    Greetings, I have some Cisco 2600 series equipment and I am interested in the IOS images. I wonder if you know where I can download them in view that they dont have any support  by Cisco, however they still work ...
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  • gns3

    Dear all, I am trying to insert 3560 ios to gns3 but it showing error " this is not valid ios software" . but i downloaded software from cisco website only. can anyone help on this?
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  • asbr-topology

    Hi, From an ASBR , how can I draw ospf topology diagram  using ldsb   Thanks
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  • DHCP failed. APIPA is being used

    I managed to acquire IP address from DHCP in PC16 under 'Server' switch. But when i try to get an IP address outside the switch of 'Server'. It gives me "DHCP failed. APIPA is being used".
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  • Advice needed on continuing cisco certifications.

    Hello,   I had done my CCNA some four years ago. After doing it, found that nobody would give me a job without a college degree, maybe because I am in India. Started college , completed degree, now got results. ...
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  • Certification

    Hello All Yesterday I passed my CCNA exam. I am feeling really good. For making me more knowledgeable  I am currently studying basic MCSE course. I Am currently focusing on basic level job such as Junior Networ...
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  • EIGRP cost calculation - Cisco error... or am I being daft...

    Hi All and thank you for your input,   I've got my ICND2 coming up quite soon now, so I had a go at the Cisco practice test. I think they've got an answer wrong...   I believe, based on Odom, that the for...
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  • ICND2 - CCNA - SNMP, IP SLA, SPAN, Cloud and SDN mind maps - commands and terminology

    Hi All and thanks for looking,   Here is the last lot of ICND2 mind maps. All of my maps follow Cisco's Official Guide. Please see attached the mind map for Part 7: SNMP, IP SLA, SPAN, Cloud and SDN Please no...
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