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    Passed ICND2 -some answers, even more questions ;)


      Hi All,


      I have passed my 200-105 today and can proudly say I'm a CCNA (well, technically thsi will taka a couple of days...).


      I want to share my learning tools, some comments about the exam, and a few questions.


      I mostly studied from 2 books: Odom's 'Official Guide' and 'Browning's CCNA in 60 days'. The 60 days thing, I believe, is not realistic; not if you want to learn and remember for work. Plus it really only skims some important information. I think the 'Official Guide' is the way to go. However, '...in 60 Days' does have some content that the Guide misses. I think it's good to learn from multiple sources anyway; it rounds your knowledge and actual real-life-transferable skills. If you solely rely on the Guide, just make sure you get additional info on OSPF multiarea (especially LSA/network types and all cross-AS stuff), BGP, and HSRP. I think the books is a bit vague in these areas (even both combined). Also, there is a SDN update on the books website.


      For labs I had a big physical lab. I would just make sure I can setup every type of configuration I come across... and that I can do it a week alter... Physical labs are just better, they let you learn and troubleshoot better. Having said that, nothing wrong with Packet Tracer; it works so well these days. And the packet 'follwing/inspection' tool is great. I did all my IPv6 in Packet Tracer.


      Make sure you know your commands. Just ask you self: 'what are the exact steps to setup: GRE, PPPoE, EIGRP, etc. (you know, do that for the lot). I think my mind maps are quit good for these command lists:
      https://laboratoriolb.com?dumps=thread/133041?q=ICND2 mind maps


      Use this forum! It's great : )




      Now, the question is, what next?


      I thought of starting to slowly read the CCNP material. However, I fear they will come up with v3 soon and I will start tearing my hair out... Is it worth waiting? If not that, then CCNA Sec, what is that like? I work with ASA's and other firewalls/proxies, but I sure as **** know that's only a good place to start; that cert is hard, isn't it? Outside Cisco I fancy CEH...


      What are your views in regards to these options. I know it all depends on my job, likes/dislikes, plans, weather, and etc. But apart from all that, what do you think? What did you do, or what would you do?


      Thanks to all for all the knowledge flowing around here!

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